Bloomingville's interior universe

Bloomingville's interior universe

It is with pride that we introduce the amazing interior products form Bloomingville on our webshop. You will find everything from carpets to jars, vases, lamps, baskets and much more. At muud we have choosen a variety of our favorite products fra Bloomingville that we offer on our webshop.

This gives you the opportunity to decorate with beautiful shapes and silhouettes in different materials, and in that way create your own personal style. Our homes are ever-changing, speaking to our senses with colors, textures, patterns and colors - make your own mix of colors, materials and patterns! Bloomingville's living universe gives you a mix of aesthetics and authenticity.

Bloomingville interior on muud webshop

Sustainability is important to Bloomingville

Bloomingville believes that sustainability should be part of all their decision-making processes and that it is a long-term commitment in their company. They are working with the UN's development goals 8 and 12 which deals with "decent work and economic growth" and "responsible comsumption and production". Bloomingville recognizes that all development goals are important but that it is these two they can make a difference on, and they believe that these will effect a positive change.

Bloomingville lamps, carpets, baskets og jars at

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