Hope leather crochet bag for storing yarn and crochet hooks. Hope lædertaske til garn og hæklenåle

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Handmade leather bags for needlework

Many crocheters know the satisfying feeling of finishing a project. Looking at the result, knowing that you made this unique piece yourself and seeing a loved one enjoying your work can be just as fulfilling as enjoying it yourself. That feeling of accomplishment can make anyone want to crochet.


The crochet collection from muud is designed for those who find joy in making something unique by hand - and who always bring yarn and crochet hooks on the go.

Whether you own just a couple, or a massive collection of crochet hooks, you need to figure out a way to store them neatly - and preferably with style too.
We make sure that our crochet bags have room for all the things you need when you crochet.

We have made a collection where all our bags and accessories can be matched together. Feel free to browse between our different categories of knitting, crochet or embroidery bags and accessories.