Embroidery storage and organising in leather bags

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The joy of embroidery

The joy of creation is felt when you see a blank canvas gradually get its own expression, in terms of structure, colour composition and pattern. The technique isn’t important – it’s the urge to create and the desire for the craft that drives you. Only your imagination sets the limit.


When embroidering or doing other crafts, it can give you a respite where you don’t have to perform, but instead enter a process of relaxation and creative expression. You can get lost in the stitches and experience the joy of seeing your project develop.

The embroidery collection from muud is made for storing and organising embroidery equipment, so you can stay focused on your creative process. It makes it possible to sort and store your embroidery accessories in at stylish way. You can either take it with you or simply use it as a stylish display in your home.

We always use high-quality leather for an exclusive look. We use premium materials when processing the skins, and only from recognised suppliers. Furthermore, we test the materials to ensure that no harmful substances are used.

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