14 Produkte

      14 Produkte

      Scissor belts in real leather

      As a hairdresser, you need a lot of accessories, and the most frequently used accessories should always be within reach.


      muud’s hairdressing selection contains scissor pockets and belts ensuring that all your hairdressing equipment is always nearby.

      Our products are handmade from high-quality leather. The leather comes from cattle that have lived a long life in nature. When they’ve lived their lives as dairy cows, they either die from natural causes or are slaughtered for their meat. After this, their skin is put aside so manufacturers like us can buy it.

      We’ve made a wide variety of designs to ensure that you can always find something that meets your individual needs. The products are designed to give beautiful, aesthetic, and functional storage of your equipment.

      Our hairdressing equipment is designed for the hairdresser that doesn’t want to compromise. There’s plenty of space for combs, hair clips, scissors and everything you need to have within reach.

      We make timeless designs and indispensable details that makes both design and functionality coalesce.