Whicky farvet Neptun lædertaske til sakse
whisky colored Neptun Scissor pouch for hairdressers
whisky colored Neptun Scissor bag for hairdressers
schwarze Ledertasche für Schere für Friseure

Neptun Scissor Pouch

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Handcrafted leather scissor pouch

Handmade leather scissor pouch, executed to perfection to fit your every need as a hairdresser or stylist


• 5 scissor rooms
• Detachable frontflap
• Detachable scissor pocket
• Front-flap is durable for placing a heated curler/straightener, keeping your working area at a minimum
• Bottom of pouch is detachable, which enables easy cleaning of loose hairs
• Shell-material: Authentic selected top quality leather, which will last for years
• Lining material: Cotton/polyester with a smooth surface, which enable easy cleaning
• Dimension bag: Height/23 cm - Lenght/20 cm
• Dimension detachable strap: S/M 60-100 cm L/XL - 70-120 cm
• Care instruction: muud care & clean

Our Neptun pouch is a timeless and elegant choise

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