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Handcrafted leather scissor bag

Handcrafted leather scissor bag, executed to perfection to fit your every need as a hairdresser or barber

Gangster is a specially designed clip-on bag that can also be used in our Capone backpack

• Five pockets for scissors
• Sealable buttons to keep scissors in place
• Sealable buttons adapted for Capone backpack
• Authentic, premium quality leather that will last for years
• Size: Height/20 cm – width/15 cm
• Length of the removable strap: S/M 60-100 cm – L/XL 70-120 cm
• Care instruction: muud care & clean

Leather is a natural material, and its appearance may therefore vary from product to product.
The actual product colour may also vary from the visual representation on this website.

muud´s universe bag is the timeless and elegant choice

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