addis exclusive knitting needles

addis exclusive knitting needles

Knitting has become all the rage - and we can understand why. Knitting allows you to create high-quality garments from materials of your choice. There are many different levels of difficulty, so there's always something to get started for both advanced and beginner knitters. All you need is the courage and the right equipment. So, as well as top quality yarn from LANGYARNS, LANGYARNS has now, in collaboration with addi, produced stylish knitting needles you can use to express your creativity! The knitting needles can now be found on our website.

addi at muud

At muud, we have chosen to expand our assortment so that we not only offer yarn from LANGYARNS, but also a selection of knitting needles from addi. This gives you the opportunity to buy beautiful yarn, quality knitting equipment and great storage solutions all in one place.

We offer a selection of knitting needles in both wood and metal, knitting needles for both beginners and advanced knitters, circular needles, and double-pointed needles. Whether you choose one or the other, you'll get a good knitting needle, each with their own quality that makes the yarn glide effortlessly over the needles. Which knitting needle is best for you depends on the pattern and the yarn you're knitting with.

Who is addi?

addi, like LANGYARNS, is also run by the 6th generation of the owner family and has been involved in local social projects for many years. In addition, they also support many clubs and institutions. addi states that since 1829 they have been producing only at the Altena plant in Germany. They also make it clear that they stand for openness and transparency.

addi is subject to constant control by independent testing organizations. They have QM systems that provide the best quality and give their customers more satisfaction. A QM system is Quality Management, also known as quality management. Quality management is business processes that are focused solely on meeting customer requirements and satisfaction.

The top priority at addi is occupational safety to protect addi's workforce and ensure that the highest safety standards are met. Adherence to strict environmental guidelines with constant monitoring is also an extremely important parameter for addi. addi participates in the "Ökoprofit" Netz NRW project and has done so since 2019. They do this because they invest in the environment as a resource.

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