Our latest collection of leather bags and accessories

Our latest collection of leather bags and accessories

Our fantastic D-series is out, and here you'll find a little bit about each product and what they can be used for.

Duff bag bottom - xl and normal

Duff is a high quality, leather bag bottom with holes for your DIY bag. This bottom is for your homemade DIY bag, if you want to give it a nice look. The bag base is round and is designed with holes so you can easily attach it and it doesn't matter if your bag is crocheted, knitted, or sewn because it can be used for anything.  

And not only that, but it is also available in two different colors which are whiskey and black, and in two different sizes which are xl and regular.

 Duff round leather bag bottom for DIY crochet og knit projects

Dee bag bottom - xl and normal

The Dee from muud is a high-quality leather rectangular bag bottom, with holes, that like the Duff bag bottom can complete the look of your DIY bag. The bag bottom has nice, rounded corners and holes that make it easy to attach it to your homemade bag. It can be used for knitting, crochet and sewing projects.

Like Duff, it is also available in two different colors which are whiskey and black, and in two different sizes which are xl and regular.

Dee leather bag bottom for DIY projects

If you want to make your own DIY bag, basket or similar, you can complement your Dee or Duff bottom with one of our leather straps.

The bag can optionally be knitted or crocheted with our Karen Klarbæk Yarn, which is made sustainably from recycled plastic bottles.

Dace keyhanger

Dace from muud is a beautiful keychain with leather strap, and it is the perfect accessory for a busy everyday life. It has a long strap which allows you to wear it around your neck, or just makes it easier to spot in your bag. This way, your keys are always easy to find.

If you prefer to attach the key ring to a bag or similar, the long leather strap is removable as it has a clever carabiner connecting the short and long part. It is also the part that makes it easy for you to attach the short part of the key ring to a bag. The key ring is available in whiskey and black.

As well as being practical, the beautiful leather also helps to give the keyring an exclusive look, making it stylish to look after your keys.

dace long whisky leather keyhanger

Dex keyhanger

Dex is another perfect accessory for you and your keys. Dex keeps your keys together and easy to find in your bag or, for that matter, in your jacket pocket. The beautiful little leather strap gives the keychain a stylish look, and it's also designed with a handy push button so you can easily attach it to a bag or other item of your choice.

The Dex key ring is available in whiskey and black.

Tip: You could hang the keychain on the wall, on a nail or a hook, and then place your circular needles in the leather strap. This makes for a practical and beautiful solution that also keeps things tidy.

So, if you're having trouble keeping your circular needles and interchangeable wires organized, or just need a beautiful storage solution to keep them organized and sized, Dex is the solution for you.

dex brown leather keyhanger

Daisy wallet

Daisy is a beautiful leather wallet with many different functions. It can be a classic wallet for your cards and coins - or as a small, nice storage wallet for your smallest knitting and crochet accessories.

Daisy is designed with small compartments, giving you an overview and the ability to organize your things so you can easily take them on the go. Inside, the pouch is equipped with a handy little zip pocket for those small items you want to take extra care of. It has four slip pockets where you can store credit cards or receipts. In addition, the wallet is also a practical size and closes with a zip, ensuring that your things stay where they belong when you take the wallet on the go. The wallet is available in whiskey and black.

Handmade from genuine leather, the Daisy purse is the perfect accessory for those who love stylish accessories that only get more beautiful with time.

Daisy leather wallet from muud

Dallas wallet 

The Dallas from muud is the perfect credit card holder for those who want a high quality card holder, as well as a stylish look. The Dallas gives you a combination of a classic wallet and a practical card holder, and it's even made of soft leather with fine details. 

On the outside of the card holder there are four small slip pockets that can hold several different cards, and there are also two larger pockets that can hold coins, receipts or similar. In the middle of the case there is a zipped pocket for coins and banknotes. The zipper gives a little extra edge to the classic look. The Dallas wallet is also available in whisky and black.

Dallas leather wallet from muud

Drew duffle bag

The beautiful Drew weekend bag is the perfect travel bag for extended weekends or shorter trips where you don't need a suitcase. Whether you're going for a few days at the cottage, a romantic weekend getaway or staying with friends, this weekend bag from muud has everything you need. And as well as using Drew as a weekend bag, you could also use it as a gym bag.

Drew is equipped with a zipper and two external pockets with magnetic closure for small items you want to keep close at hand. The bag has plenty of room for clothes, shoes, and a toiletry bag, so everything you need for a few days on the road. The bottom of the bag has "feet" to protect the leather and keep the bag stable on the ground. The leather is soft, but the bag is designed in such a way that it keeps its shape and doesn't fold when you pack your things.

In Drew's main compartment you'll find two zipped pockets to store your phone, keys, and wallet. There are also three smaller slip pockets, which help to provide space for smaller items. The weekend bag has a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap and two leather handles for easy carrying.

Drew has a stylish look and is for the customer who prefers quality over quantity, so, you who go for good design with high functionality.

Drew large leather duffle bag

Denver brief

Denver is a stylish and spacious muud computer bag. The bag is the obvious choice for those who need a quality bag for study, work, or your travels. The Denver is spacious enough to store your computer, charger, and work documents, while maintaining a beautiful and modern look.

Denver is a durable computer bag with nice details, such as the two large compartments, both with a zipper opening, or the main compartment, which has a padded compartment for your computer. Besides that, it also has an extra zipped pocket where you can store your essentials. This could be books or work documents. In addition, the computer bag is equipped with a compartment on its front, which is decorated with practical pockets for pens, highlighters, or cords. There are also small pockets for business or credit cards. 

Denver also features a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap and two sturdy handles for carrying. The back of the bag has a handy leather strap so you can easily attach it to your trolley or similar.

Denver is available in whiskey and black.

Denver leather computer brief

Dina project bag

Dina by muud is a beautiful genuine leather bag with drawstring. It is the perfect accessory for you who want to carry your knitting or crochet projects on the go. Dina is the obvious storage solution for smaller projects but also yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks.

The Dina project bag comes unfitted with a drawstring closure that can be opened all the way up so the bag unfolds into a flat circle. This helps give you a full view of your project and accessories. It also makes it easy to unfold your project on the coffee table or couch, while quickly putting it away again.

In addition, Dina also has handy interior pockets, with and without zippers, so you can keep your accessories more organized. You can get Dina in whiskey and black.

A great tip: Since we've given Dina a handy leather strap so you can easily carry the bag in your hand, we might suggest a walk in the woods. After all, knitting and walking has become a trend. The practical size of the bag makes it so that you can also easily use it as a stylish toilet or make-up bag.

dina leather bag for knitting og crochet projects

Donna project bag

The Donna project bag is a beautiful drawstring shoulder bag in genuine leather that can be used in many ways. It is the perfect go to accessory for both every day and parties, whether you are going to work or for that matter out on the town, as it lends itself to many different situations and purposes.

Donna can also be the obvious project bag for those smaller projects. While perfect for taking on the go, it's also ideal for storage at home. By folding down the sides of the bag, you have a solution for storing things like yarn and sticks that is both stylish and practical.

Donna features a beautiful drawstring closure and a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, so you can get exactly the length that suits you. In addition, it also has a large main interior compartment with four smaller pockets that can hold, for example, a mobile phone, keys, knitting needles or yarn.

Donna leather knitting project bag

Laura make-up bag

The Laura Make Up Bag from muud has a classic and stylish look, and at the same time can stand to be shown off in the bathroom or maybe when you are on a trip. As the bag has a really good size, it will in fact be easy to carry on the go, in for example a backpack, weekend bag or in your everyday bag where you can store your makeup. The bag can also be used to store other small items you use in your everyday life, such as knitting or crochet accessories, a charger, or headphones.

Laura make-up bag is equipped with a zipper, and an interior open compartment where you can store make-up and make-up brushes. The bag also has a small, zipped pocket, for storing smaller products. In addition, it also has two smaller pockets, which help to make it easier for you to organize your products. This way you can easily and quickly find the things you need. The bag is available in whiskey and black.

Black makeup bag i quality leather

Laura mini tote

Laura mini tote from muud is a handmade stylish small bag where grace and good craftsmanship are used.

The bag is equipped with a detachable shoulder strap, where you can adjust its length so that it is long enough to be worn crossbody. However, you can also carry the bag in the two small handles that it has.

The bag has a zipper opening and consists of an interior open compartment with a small extra zipper pocket on one side, which is perfect for storing keys, makeup, or wallet, for example. On the other side of the compartment, you will find two smaller pockets with space for perhaps your mobile or similar. The bag also comes with a small, zipped wallet, which can be attached to the inside of the bag with a detachable strap.

The beautiful Laura bag is made of soft leather, which gives an edge to the otherwise classic look of the bag, and it is available in the colors whiskey and black.

The Laura mini tote bag can be used for many things, and is therefore always an ideal solution, no matter what season it is.

Laura mini leather handbag with clutch from muud

Laura weekend bag

Laura weekend bag from muud is a beautiful and practical all-purpose bag, which is made of soft leather. The bag has two leather handles and is the perfect choice for those looking for a quality bag to take on the go, whether you're going on a holiday with good friends, on a romantic weekend break or maybe just a trip to the gym.

Laura weekend bag is designed with a focus on high quality and spaciousness. It has a handy zip opening and we'd say it's an obvious travel companion to take with you on a short trip with a few nights stay. The bag also has a handy exterior zip pocket, making it easy for you to grab your small items. The bag also has an inside zip pocket, as well as two small open pockets for storing small items such as your mobile phone and keys.

Laura weekend bag also comes with a small detachable leather wallet, which helps you to take care of your valuables. The bag is available in whiskey and black.

Large leather weekend bag from muud

Now you've had a look at our new range, we hope it's helped you find the right bag for you. 

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