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Leather bags for everyone

A real leather bag lasts for many years. That’s why we strive to design bags and accessories that are timeless, stylish, and functional.


Our selection has something for everyone. We’ve put a lot of thought and energy into the different products so that they have every function you could need.

Many of our products have a removable and adjustable strap so you can style and use your bag in your own, unique way.

Historically, leather has been considered a great material for bags – and this is not without reason, since leather is a durable material that will benefit you for many years to come.

All the products in our collection are handmade in leather from Indian buffalos. This is because we want to offer you the best quality and durability.

All our leather bags and accessories are made in a black and whiskey-coloured version. Since leather is a natural product, the appearance of our products can vary, thus making every bag and accessory unique.

You can use our leather products as everyday accessories to finish your look, regardless of whether you use them for storage, everyday use, or professional use.