The effect crafts have on your mental health

The effect crafts have on your mental health

It turns out that needlework can help reduce physical and psychological pain while also increasing well-being. Experts in this field, such as psychologists, have studied this and found that needlework is so much more than just a hobby. It has many more benefits than just enjoyment.

One thing needlework certainly does is keep your hands busy. You get to express yourself creatively while making the most of your time. For example, it can help keep you from snacking during the day, as your hands and your mind are in a completely different place that requires concentration and focus. Crafting can even help reduce smoking in the same way as snacking.

Based on questionnaires and interviews conducted by a trained needleworker and psychologist, it has been found that it is specifically about motivation and well-being, since it is your passion and you are passionate about what you do, which gives the feeling of reward when you start or finish a project. The feeling of reward you get when you have completed one of the tasks in the knitting process can release dopamine to the brain's reward system and you can therefore become addicted. This is not uncommon, as it happens not only with knitting but also with other things, such as when listening to music and the brain is exposed to a positive response to the music, which also releases dopamine.

Crafts can also create a sense of community, as everyone has in common that they love to express themselves creatively. This can also make you feel less lonely, as it feels like you are a part of something. Just as knitting clubs can be found in real life, they can also be found online, where the community is just as amazing.

What other benefits are there?

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Crafting can be good for the mind in the sense that it can actually reduce stress and anxiety, as research shows that many people feel a sense of joy as soon as they start knitting.

Boost self-esteem

When you finish a project or maybe just the little things during the process, you feel a sense of satisfaction. You feel able to succeed when you have achieved your goal, which helps to boost your self-esteem.

Can ease physical pain

Knitting and repetitive movements can help shift attention away from the pain of physical ailments. However, it is not only mentally but also biologically that needlework relieves pain. The body secretes anandamide, a pain-relieving substance, while knitting.

Delaying/reducing memory loss

A university study showed that those who crocheted or knitted had a lower risk of memory loss. This is why it is important to give the body and brain something to do at an early age to delay or reduce memory loss.

Freedom and creativity

When you knit, you usually only work on projects of your own choosing, which helps to provide this freedom and creativity.


As a human being it is normal to think, however, many people think too much. This is where needlework comes into the picture, because with knitting, the focus is elsewhere, and you don't think nearly as much anymore. However, even though needlework can help you think less about everyday problems, it doesn't necessarily make them disappear.

People can discuss how needlework helps them in their everyday life, but basically, there are almost only good sides to expressing yourself through knitting, crocheting, or sewing. So, get that self-care going!

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