Decorate your own muud shopper!

Decorate your own muud shopper!

Give your muud shopper a personal touch and let it tell your own story. We've gathered some inspiring ideas to decorate your fabric bag and create a unique accessory that stands out from the crowd.


Cotton shopper with embroidery

Explore the art of embroidery and add a touch of elegance to your muud shopper. Write names, quotes or create beautiful patterns with colorful threads. Embroidery not only adds a personal touch, but it also creates a unique piece of art on your bag.

Create memorable gifts with the kids!

muud recycled shopper kids wrawing mothers day

muud recycled cotton shopper painted kids mothers day gift

muud recycled cotton shopper painted kids

muud recycled shopper with Mothers Day drawing

Involve the kids in the process and make a special gift for Mother's Day, Christmas or grandparents' birthday. Let them unleash their creativity with colors, ribbons, and fun patterns*. It will not only be a personalized gift, but also a timeless reminder of love and creativity.

Play with style and functionality by changing the handle

Cotton shopper with leather straps

muud recycled shopper with bibi leather strap

Give your shopper a new look by changing the handle. Choose a colorful or patterned handle to add extra flair. This simple trick can transform the entire look of your bag and make it even more eye-catching.

Tell your story with badges and pins

Cotton shopper decorated with pins

muud shopper XL personalised with pins

Collect memories and create a visual narrative by adding badges and pins to your muud shopper. Each badge can represent a special event, passion, or interest. Let your bag be a living album of your experiences.

Embrace the playful spirit by adding kisses, knick-knacks, or bijoux to your muud shopper. Let your bag be a statement that screams style and individuality. When decorating your muud shopper, the only limit is your imagination. Create something unique, personal, and eye-catching that fits your style perfectly. Bring your bag to life and let it become a piece of art that follows you everywhere.

*Remember to choose materials that can withstand water, sun and general use.

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