Drawing- and painting equipment

Drawing- and painting equipment

At muud, we have always been dedicated to creating products that combine functionality with aesthetics. In these products, you'll find a special hidden treasure trove for all the creative souls out there.

Cathy the ultimate artistic companion

Cathy isn't just a bag; it's a tailor-made oasis for your brushes, paints and artistic necessities. Designed with handy pockets and compartments, Cathy ensures your gear is organized and easily accessible. The durable and stylish bag was created with artists in mind who want to keep their creative tools close at hand. In addition, Cathy can also store a sketchbook, drawing pad or a bullet journal for that matter!

Cathy bag for artists

Upsala artist's storage box

Introducing Upsala: an etui that not only protects your brushes, pencils and more, but also adds an extra dimension of elegance to your art experience. With a compartment for different brush and pencil sizes, Upsala ensures your writing tools stay intact and ready to create masterpieces. The Upsala case is available in two sizes.

Upsala cylinder with brushes

Everything for drawing and painting with Bea

Bea is your complete package for drawing and painting. All kinds of art materials, ranging from pencils to watercolors, can help encourage Bea to get creative. Whether you're a beginner or experienced artist, Bea will be your reliable companion on the journey towards artistic self-expression.

Bea case with pens

Göteborg as protection for your artwork

Göteborg is more than just a folder; it's a safety net for your artwork. Whether you're storing sketches or papers, Göteborg ensures that your creations remain unaltered and protected from external influences. It's your personal sketch storage at your fingertips.

Göteborg leather case for sketching

Liv and Effi - the mobile pencil cases

Liv and Effi are not just pencil cases; they are art tool chests. Liv and Effi are perfect for keeping your artistic universe in order.

Liv case with pencils

Take your art experience to the next level with muud's selection of drawing and painting supplies. Cathy, Upsala, Bea, Gothenburg, Liv and Effi, each product is created with care and attention to detail to empower your creative journey. Explore muud's world of artistic products and let your ideas flourish.

Get ready to create. Do it with muud.

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