muud embroidery circle


Embroidery products for storing threads and embroidery projects

Handcrafts like embroidery, knitting or crocheting are great a great pastime for rainy days. And in our busy everyday lives, it is a great way to settle down and relax.
Handcrafts can remind you of the things that are good for you, such as slowing down, sketching, taking notes, dreaming, or wondering.


The embroidery collection from muud is made with passion and dedication for handcrafts and traditions that have been passed on for generations. We design bags and accessories for storing, transporting, and organising your embroidery projects. We focus on functionality without compromising on the beautiful design. In collaboration with dedicated craftsmen, we have designed a collection to fulfil every embroiderer’s needs.

Our products are made from premium leather from Indian cattle that have lived a long life in nature. Once they have fulfilled their main purpose of producing milk, they die of natural causes or are slaughtered for their meat. Their skin is then separated for manufacturers like us to buy them.

Besides this embroidery collection, we also have different styles for knitting and crochet, styles you can mix and match.

We sell our products to dedicated craftsmen all over the world. In many countries, you can buy our products from local stores. You can see where on our list of retailers.