Shoulder straps at muud: a dazzling fusion of style and function

Shoulder straps at muud: a dazzling fusion of style and function

Shoulder straps have always been an important part of the bag world, and at muud we take this essential accessory to new heights. With our latest collection, we've introduced an impressive range of shoulder straps that combine elegance, durability, and unique style. Among these novelties we find a special gem - shoulder straps made from a seductive combination of chains and leather. These straps are not only a practical accessory for your bags, but also a way to express your personal style and spice up your muud bags in a whole new way.

In the world of bags, it's not only functionality that counts, but also aesthetics. At muud, we fully understand this, and our latest collection of shoulder straps is the perfect example of this understanding. These straps go beyond the ordinary and blend style, durability, and personality in a unique way.

Caja shoulderstrap

Cala XL shoulderstrap

muud's shoulder straps are more than just practical accessories; they are statement pieces. Take for example Caia, which oozes elegance with its clean leather design, or Caja, which beautifully blends leather and chain in a unique fusion of materials. Cala and Cala XL bring the chains into focus, but with a leather center that adds both strength and sophistication to any bag.

Hudson, Hudson XL and Bibi are other gems in this collection. These shoulder straps not only add a practical dimension to your bags, but also an extra dose of personality. From the solid construction of the Hudson to the delicate elegance of the Bibi, muud shoulder straps are made to impress.

Caia leather strap

Hudson leather strap

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing bag or add a new twist to your DIY creation, our shoulder straps are the ultimate choice. They're not just accessories; they're works of art that help define your style and express your individuality. Make your next bag experience special with muud's unique shoulder straps - a symbol of style, durability, and personal flair.

So, the next time you're thinking about upgrading your bag collection or giving your DIY bag a little extra edge, think about shoulder straps from muud. They're not just a way to carry your bag; they're a piece of art that tells your story and expresses your unique style. Take a look at our Instagram posts to see how Sara uses these amazing shoulder straps on different bags and get inspired to create your own fashion statement. Here at muud, it's not just about bags; it's about creating a stylish narrative and shoulder straps are the chapters that complete the story. So let your next shoulder strap be more than just a strap; let it be a piece of art that speaks for you.


  • muud

    Hi Sarah, we use a polyester thread because it is more durable

  • Sarah Turnbull

    I was wondering whether you use linen thread on your products.

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