advent calendar

advent calendar

Make waiting for Christmas more enjoyable with an advent calendar from muud.
Receive and give 4 beautifully wrapped gifts and reveal a new surprise every Sunday.

With the muud advent calendar, you choose which products to include in the calendar, so you can put together a beautiful advent calendar yourself. Choose 4 muud products, get the cheapest one for free and get free wrapping.

Use the code

Advent wraped gifts

Here's how to do it:
  • Visit
  • Choose 4 muud products and add them to the cart
  • At checkout enter the discount code - the cheapest product will be free
  • You will receive 4 wrapped products. You do not pay extra for the packaging.
  • If you want to choose how the products are numbered, you can note this when ordering.

Please note that the advent calendar code can only be used on muud products from and only applies to muud products. I.e. not for yarn, patterns, knitting needles, heel pins and interior.

The offer is valid until December 1st 2023.

    Advent calendar


    example of advent calendar

    Save € 27,95


    Advent calendar example

    Save € 20,95

    Advent is a cozy and atmospheric tradition of counting down the days until Christmas.  An advent calendar is a beautiful treat for yourself or a loved one.

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