Best in test - Our favorite bags and cases

Best in test - Our favorite bags and cases

What is the best bag? Well, that's a question we can't even answer ourselves, because there are so many good ones! But we asked some Instagram influencers what they prefer and why. This way, hopefully, we can help you choose a bag that's perfect for you!

Instagram influencers' favorite bags

We asked the influencers if they have a favorite and they were happy to send us all their favorites with an explanation of why exactly these bags are their favorite.

The first is Mette Hvitved Nielsen, @mettehvidtved, and she says that her favorites are Stockholm, Wind, Heaven, Shadow, Sandnes, Laura, and Laura mini. There is variation in the products, as she chooses to use them for all sorts of different things. Wind and Stockholm are two necessary accessories for her Heaven bag, as they can be stored in Heaven. However, she is very fond of the Stockholm because:

"This needle case was probably what started my love for muud products. A good needle case with plenty of room for all the interchangeable circular needles/wires I use on a daily basis. (...) I love this case and it is a permanent part of my knitting bag."
- Mette Hvitved Nielsen about Stockholm

Mette Hvitved Nielsen recommending her favorite muud produkt

She says that Wind can be left on her coffee table as well as taken on the go! For Mette Hvitved Nielsen, Heaven acts as her "knitting accessory bag" as it keeps all her things together when she needs to get out the door. She also loves Heaven because it is compact, but with enough space to hold everything she needs. She also says, "Everything has a place in it and it's almost nice to sit and organize it because it's so well utilized."

Shadow is also one of her favorites, as she finds it perfect for stacking and can hold a larger project or maybe all her sock yarn scraps. She also thinks Shadow can be displayed, as they look great on the shelf and are easy to pull out. Sandnes, on the other hand, is the perfect knitting bag for a small project on the go, as she often has a small project that is always with her in the waiting room at the doctor's office or at her children's swimming lessons. She says that the bag can easily hold a couple of skeins of yarn and a few different knitting accessories, and it doesn't take up much space.

She loves Laura because it's great for everyday use for someone who, like her, is a victim of impulse shopping and forgets a bag. As a knitting bag it is great because it can hold all her knitting accessories, such as Heaven with Stockholm and Wind, as well as larger knitting projects. Laura has been with her around a lot. Laura mini is an ideal size for a small everyday bag. She loves that it has both the short straps, but also a long one so it can be used as a cross over.

The perfect project bag for larger projects

Another blogger we asked is Dorothy Offeciers from @a.dor.able_knits. She says that when it comes to project bags or other large bags, her favorites are Saturn XL, Libby, and Marina. She takes her absolute favorite bag Saturn XL with her everywhere. It has been on many of her road trips. For her, the Saturn XL is the perfect project bag as it fits larger projects with ease. She also finds it very practical that it is a fixed bag. She also loves the Libby, although the Saturn XL is her favorite. When she needs to take several projects with her on a trip, she prefers Libby. Also, because it has details ideal for storing small accessories, handles and a large strap. She also loves Marina and there is always a project inside. The Marina bag was also her 2nd favorite after the Saturn XL, but then came the Libby, she says.

"This bag is just WAUW! Such a beauty! And absolutely amazing to use."
- Dorothy Offeciers about Libby 

Influencer Adorable Knits favorite leather bags

She uses all these bags for knitting, whereas she uses her Vegas Bum bag as an everyday bag, as she finds it a comfortable bag with plenty of room to carry everything she needs. Dorothy Offeciers uses both Stockholm and Lucy to store her circular needles and cables. Espoo is perfect for the scissors she uses, and Eva is ideal for storing her wallpaper pins, as she used to lose them a lot. She says that Espoo and Eva can be easily stored in the small side pockets of the above-mentioned project bags. The only problem for her is that sometimes she must check all the different side pockets of each project bag to find the item she needs. She uses Liv to store small cable pins, pencils, markers, and generally just all the things she uses when designing. She finds that Liv is the perfect size to help her keep her things organized. After storing all small accessories in her Helsinki, Dorothy decided it was time to get another case to better organize her accessories. So, she chose Emeli just for stitch markers and lap counter, and Helsinki for everything else.

The bag for both knitting night and festival

The last blogger we asked is Cecilie Karoliussen, @knittingcecilie. She tells us that Helsinki is always on her living room table. She has all the accessories she needs for everyday knitting in it, such as stitch markers, needles, needle stoppers, etc. and it's also always in her knitting bag when she's on the go. Another of her favorites is the Hiba project bag. She says it has a nice and exclusive look, which has made it one of her regular handbags. She likes that it has a short enough handle to be a handbag and that it has shoulder straps if you want to keep your hands free. She also wanted to mention the Lexi, which holds all the toiletries she needs to take on vacation! It's nice for her to have everything in one place. Cecilie's absolute favorite bag is the Vegas XL Bum Bag. She uses it for city trips, for knitting night with her friends and as a festival bag.

"I am lucky to have so many amazing Muud products and I love them all. So do my two daughters, because they have "stolen" several of the bags."
- Cecilie Karoliussen, translated from Norwegian

Knittingcecilie recommends her favorite leather bag

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