New collection arrived on the website

New collection arrived on the website

Our new collection includes storage solutions for knitting, crochet or sewing. In addition, it consists of both large and small bags.

The collection includes new variants of our popular drew duffle bag. A larger version perfect for sports or weekend trips, and two smaller versions as a handbag or toiletry bag. This way, you can choose the Drew bag that suits you perfectly.

For the creative ones, we've created a leather handle that can be attached to a homemade DIY bag, possibly in combination with our dee and duff leather bottoms. In addition, we're introducing a few products for smart storage of knitting or crochet equipment.

Our ultra-popular Saturn model is now available as a mini crossbody and a flat round crossbody. The Saturn model has also been further developed into a 3-piece bag with compartments for storing and separating projects and equipment.

Last but not least, the collection also includes two shoppers with details such as pattern or computer pockets and a detachable wallet. These shoppers are versatile and can be used for everything. From shopping to school or work. The shoppers are also easy to style as they have a timeless design that allows you to wear them in almost any situation!

We at muud try to evolve with the times, which is why we have created this new collection the way we have. In this new collection you'll find all kinds of different goodies, each with more purposes than just one.

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