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Exclusive elegance for your four-legged family member

We are proud to present our latest, most heartwarming, and brand-new PET collection, created with love for our four-legged friends. This range caters to dog and cat owners as well as other pets. At muud, we have always been dedicated to delivering exclusive products, and our new PET collection is no exception. Here you'll find everything you need to pamper and care for your furry family members.

The color palette

Our PET collection presents a sublime harmony in a subtle palette of whisky and black shades that match our other exclusive products. This elegant color scheme brings a timeless and luxurious feel to all our products in the collection.  

Products in the collection  

Bags for pets

We offer a selection of bags designed to keep your pets comfortable when they get tired on walks. These bags are not only practical but also stylish and fit in perfectly with the aesthetics of the collection.  

Car safety bag

For those who love to take their dog or cat along for the ride, we have developed a special bag that easily attaches to the car using the seat belt. This ensures a safe and comfortable journey for your beloved companion.  

Collar and Leash

Our PET collection also includes elegant collar and leash made from high-quality leather. These beautiful pieces give your dog or cat a sophisticated yet comfortable feel.  

Treat bag and dog bag case

We haven't forgotten the details! An adorable little treat bag and a dog bag case complete our range. Both designs can be easily attached to bags or dog leashes, making it easy to carry the necessary supplies on the go.  

Stylish storage options

Our collection also offers stylish storage options for everything from shampoos, brushes, combs, machines, scissors, treats, food, toys, and anything else you might need to take on the go or as elegant storage in your home.  

At muud, we are proud to have named our products after some of our favorite pets that have inspired us over the years. These names represent strength, beauty and a timeless elegance that reflects our PET collection perfectly.  

We are excited to present our new PET collection and we hope it will bring joy and comfort to both you and your pets. At muud, we are committed to creating products that combine functionality and aesthetics, and our new collection is no exception. Whether you're a dog or cat owner or a lover of other pets, our PET collection is designed to meet your needs and give your beloved animals the best. We look forward to seeing our products in action and wish you and your pets countless wonderful moments with our PET collection from muud.

PET Collection

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