Our production

Our production

Want to know a bit about how your bags are made and how we work with working conditions and sustainability.  Then keep reading

The leather used to produce our bags comes from Indian free-range dairy cows that have not been locked up in a dairy factory.When the cow dies after serving its purpose by producing milk, the hide is set aside so people like us can buy the by-product that would otherwise be destroyed or burned.


All our products are made in our own factories in India, where we monitor working conditions in line with our suppliers and their CSR-certified production facilities, which include overhauling human and labor rights. The conditions of the employees and their working environment will always be following the law. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that there is no child labor, and there is payment for all overtime. Safety measures such as protective equipment, fire safety, etc. also follow the local legislation. All paper and cardboard in the production is FSR approved which is a sustainable solution.

The leather working group

Our suppliers are Leather Working Group certified and we became part of their collaboration in 2021, to support a more responsible leather production.

The Leather Working Group, also known as "LWG" is a global multi-stakeholder community committed to creating a sustainable future with responsible leather. They are a non-profit organization that ensures best practice and positive social and environmental change in responsible leather production.

LWG works in partnership with other organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Members include companies such as Adidas, Mulberry, Bestseller, Asos and IKEA.  

 Leather Working Group membership


  • muud

    We don’t ship to Israel from our webshop. But we have a retailer in Israel you can buy from.

    You can find contact information here:



  • Lina

    Здравствуйте хотела узнать а посылаете ли вы свою продукцию в Израиль и сколько стоит пересылка

  • Muud

    We don’t ship to Canada from our webshop. But we have retailers in Canada, you can buy from


    Hope you find what your looking for.


  • Veillette Katlen

    Est-ce que je peux acheter vos produits sur votre site??? Je demeure au Québec Canada. Merci

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