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Weekend Bags

A weekend bag is the perfect travel bag for those who prefer practical and stylish bags over suitcases or Ikea bags. Overnight bags help you pack your stuff easily and neatly. Choosing the right travel bag can be difficult as there are many different needs to consider.

To choose the perfect weekend or travel bag, many factors come into play. Whether you're flying to another country or driving through your own country, it's important to consider how you'll be traveling, as this will help you choose the ideal weekend or travel bag.

For example, there's a big difference between what kind of bag you need if you're flying or driving. When traveling by plane, it's important to have a good and spacious travel bag that doesn't weigh much. That way you can also fit a little more into the bag. However, if you're traveling by car, the weight of the bag is less relevant. Therefore, it is important that there is room for everything you might need on your trip. The bag should be spacious and of course have pockets for your small items to keep your luggage organized. It can also be an advantage if the bag has both a handle and a shoulder strap - possibly something that can be adjusted and removed, as this way you can customize it to suit your needs! Your bag should be something you can carry all the time. Not only is it a great travel companion, but also stylish enough to wear on a daily basis. This way, it becomes useful in multiple situations. So, the bags are multi-purpose travel bags.

Travel bags from muud

At muud, we have a selection of a lot of different kinds of bags. Everything from knitting bags, everyday bags and of course weekend bags. They are the perfect travel bag for extended weekends or shorter trips where a suitcase doesn't seem to be the right solution. Whether you're going away for a few days at the cottage, on a business trip, on a romantic weekend getaway or staying with friends, our weekend bags have everything you need. Whether you're interested in bags with fixed sides to protect your belongings or bags that can also be used for everyday use. You could also bring a tote bag from muud, as it can be used for shopping, beach trips or to keep clean and used clothes separate in your weekend bag.

As mentioned, the great thing about these bags is that just as they can be used as travel bags, they can also be used for many other things. For example, our Libby bag can be used as a travel, every day and school bag.


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