muud Leather Balm 150 ml Care & Clean Non
muud Leather Balm 150 ml Care & Clean Non
muud Leather Balm 150 ml Care & Clean
muud Leather Balm 150 ml Care & Clean

Leather Balm 150 ml

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Leather Balm 150 ml

Ulrich Natürlich leather balm
Leather Balm for maintaining all types of real leather. Leather will naturally change appearance over time, however, it is preferable that it ages gracefully.
Just like your own skin it needs good care to stay beautiful for many years.

The Ulrich natürlich leather balm combines care with the impregnation of leather. It protects and gives shine to the leather so it stays fresh and beautiful longer.
• Use the Ulrich natürlich leather balm with a dry cloth on the affected area.
• Let the product take effect for a short time.
• Then polish the treated leather.
Note: Treated leather will darken slightly.
The Ulrich Natürlich leather balm comes in a 150 ml tin with a screw cap. The packaging is entirely plastic-free!
The raw materials used in the Ulrich Natürlich Leather Balm are readily biodegradable and, therefore, very environmentally friendly.

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