Shipping to Norway

As an update from November 15, 2023, we are now registered under the VOEC (Value-Added Tax On E-commerce) scheme on

In short, this means that as a private customer in Norway, you now only pay Norwegian VAT when you shop at Muud. A positive change is that your orders no longer need to go through customs, and you will therefore avoid receiving a customs invoice, only paying for the shipping.

However, please be aware that there is still a limit for the value of individual items. If the value exceeds 3,000 NOK (approximately 1,900 DKK depending on the exchange rate), the respective item will be customs cleared as usual.

Example 1, does not trigger Customs Duty
If you order 5 items at 1,500 DKK each, the total order value will be 7,500 DKK. This does NOT trigger customs clearance, as the individual item does not cost more than 1,900 DKK.

Example 2, triggers Customs Duty
If you order 1 Mars Hard Case for 2,199 DKK and 5 items for 1,000 DKK, only the Mars Hard Case will be customs cleared, as it exceeds 3,000 NOK (approximately 1,900 DKK).

The benefits of this arrangement include you, as a Norwegian customer, still paying the same at as always, avoiding expensive customs fees, and, most importantly, enjoying faster delivery.

Additional information about VOEC can be found here:

If you have any questions regarding VOEC, feel free to contact us at