Our practical and stylish Cubes

Our practical and stylish Cubes

As some of our products look very similar but are still very different, they can be hard to tell apart.

Well-organized equipment is essential for craftsmen and women. If you can reach for your equipment and find the exact model you need, you can start your next project without stress. That is why it is ideal to get inspiration for storing your equipment. The ideal solution for you will be very individual depending on your equipment and needs.

What are you into?

Cylinder boxes from muud are ideal storage solutions for everything from knitting accessories to jewelry.

The tallest models are suitable for knitting needles, scissors, crochet hooks and paintbrushes, while the smaller ones are perfect for small items such as jewelry, stitch markers and thimbles.

The Upsala models are tall and narrow, making them ideal for brushes and knitting needles. Holly also offers storage for knitting needles or crochet hooks. This cylinder closes with a zipper.

The Mountain models are wider and can hold not only knitting needles but also yarn. The hole in the top allows you to store the yarn in the cylinder, while you work on your project.

The Helsinki and Emeli models are suitable for storing smaller items such as stitch markers, jewelry, thimbles, or needles.

The cylinders provide stylish storage in the home, keeping your items together, and allow you to protect your items during transportation.

Why one over the other?

Upsala and Mountain are very similar, but the difference is that Upsala is thinner than Mountain. This means that Mountain can hold a little more than Upsala. On the other hand, Upsala can hold taller objects such as knitting needles.

Holly and Helsinki, on the other hand, have zipper openings, whereas Upsala Mountain and Emeli have a lid. Holly is also a taller and larger version of Helsinki, and they can both be taken on the go, compared to Upsala and Mountain, which are probably best at home on the coffee table or on the shelf, where they can shine completely.

Emeli is something quite special. It is small but still practical, as it has its magnetic base, which can help to keep your needles more organized. It is much smaller than the other Cubes and does not have a zipper opening, just a lid.

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