34 products

      34 products

      Quality leather bags for knitting projects

      Knitting is more than a hobby. From the moment you decide to knit something, to picking up the yarn or finishing the last stitch, it takes time, precision, and commitment.


      At muud, we are committed to make quality products for your knitting projects and supplies. We’ve designed a timeless collection while working closely with experienced creators.

      Our collection has a large variety, whether you are looking for storage for your knitting projects or want to organise your knitting accessories.

      All our knitting bags are handmade from Indian leather. The leather comes from cows who have lived a life in nature. Once they have fulfilled their main purpose of making milk, they either die of natural causes or are slaughtered for their meat. The leather/skin is then separated, allowing manufacturers like us to buy the beautiful by-product.

      We often make new styles, and we are always in close collaboration with knitters and craftsmen to ensure the best features and details.
      The products are made in a timeless design, with carefully crafted details.
      We only use premium leather, which guarantees you a long-lasting product that will age beautifully.
      Our products are made for being used, and therefore, we focus on functionality without compromising neither quality nor craftsmanship.

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