Laura series

Laura series

In a world where fashion and functionality come together, there is a unique line of versatile bags, the Laura range. The Laura, Laura weekend, Laura mini and Laura make-up bags represents the rustic charm and durability of leather fused with the cozy feeling of packing for weekend trips. Of course, they can also represent the creative feel of hand-knitted design. With this range, you can be both stylish and practical in your everyday life and on your outings.  

When the weekend approaches and you need to pack for a short trip or a relaxing stay, the timeless leather bags from the Laura range are the ideal choice. With their spaciousness, durability, and style, they allow you to organize your things and add a touch of elegance to your weekend trips. The bags are perfectly designed to pack clothes, shoes, and other essentials for a short trip. You can easily put clothes, toiletries and accessories in the different pockets and compartments of the bags. For example, the Laura make-up bag, which can be used for both make-up and toiletries. The soft leather protects your belongings from bumps and knocks. When it comes to make-up storage, the Laura make-up is exclusive, practical, and stylish. You can use the smaller pockets and compartments to organize your cosmetics like foundation, lipsticks, eye shadows and brushes. The durability of the leather ensures that your make-up is well protected and stays in good condition. You can also easily find and access your products when you need them.  

The versatility of the bags makes it easy to adapt them to your needs. So, if you need to carry Laura, for example, with you all day, you can use it as a shoulder bag that gives you easy access to your belongings. On the other hand, if you need a handbag, you can use the Laura mini, as it's a smaller version of the Laura and has the same look and feel. Whether you're heading off on a weekend trip or need stylish and secure storage for your make-up or clothes, at home or out and about, one of the Laura range of bags is the ideal choice. Their durability, spaciousness and stylish design make them a perfect combination of functionality and timeless aesthetics. You can pack your things easily, knowing they're well protected and, of course, feel good about your personal style.  

The Laura range is a combination of style, creativity, and durability. The bags are created by dedicated craftsmen who have managed to merge the rawness of leather with class and timelessness. With one of the bags from the Laura range, you can stand out from the crowd and express your personal style while getting a practical and durable bag for your everyday life. Don't compromise on fashion or functionality - choose a leather bag from muud and experience the perfect blend of rawness with class and timelessness. 

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