Practical and stylish storage of your needles

Practical and stylish storage of your needles

There are many different types of needles, which means there are also many ways to store them. Ways that are both practical and stylish, while keeping things organized.

Whether you like to knit, crochet, or sew, needles are an indispensable part of your toolbox, and you have probably also experienced the loss of needles. As we at muud stand for good craftsmanship, we have developed smart and practical solutions to help you keep track of your sewing accessories. Some of the range we offer are Emeli, Edy, Elvia and Eva. They each have their own unique designs that make them the perfect storage solutions for your needles.

The great thing about these needle cases is that you can leave them at home as they are stylish, making them easy to display on the coffee table with all your other equipment. As well as being decorative at home, you can also take them with you on the go! However, these different cases also have different designs that give each one a unique look.

What can they do?

Emeli is a small, delicate leather case that can hold your small items such as needles, thimbles, beads, buttons, or something else like jewelry. The leather box closes with a lid that is loosely attached to the box and has fixed sides. It also has a magnetic bottom that makes it easier to keep track of your needles.

Edy, on the other hand, is a beautiful leather wallet for storing pointed needles. Pointed needles are a necessary accessory for those who love to knit, crochet, or sew, here Edy will protect these needles. You can attach your sewing and embroidery needles to the felt sides of the pouch to keep track of your needles.

Elvia is also a beautiful, handmade leather wallet to keep your project bag organized. It closes with a snap button, and it has a small pocket.

Eva is a stylish wallet just like Edy and Elvia. Eva is a storage solution for your needles, so you (almost) always know where they are when you need them.

Put your needles in one of our cases and you can easily find them again. All our cases are handmade from genuine leather and are of exclusive quality that will age gracefully. You can find them all in the colors black and whiskey.

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