Muud leather bags design proces

Our design process

Our design process goes through a lot of stages. If you'd like a little more insight into how your bags are made, you can find it right here.  

The idea phase

Often, an idea starts with our designer, who in his creative process works with current trends, fashion trend forecasts and idea swarms that take materials, form and function into account.

But the design process isn't just based on the designer's ideas. We also get inputs from our colleagues, and we get requests from end users, stores, and bloggers for great ideas either based on the current product line or brand-new ideas. So ideas go from development to brand-new products, and we assess internally whether it has relevance. And if it does, the input is used.

Testing phase

The designer takes their own, colleagues, and external ideas and shapes a new collection, which is turned into samples in collaboration with suppliers. When the samples from the new collection come home, we will assess the products on their usability. Some are perfect, others need to be tweaked, and some are not usable at all and need to be discarded.  

Sometimes the samples are sent out to testers who test them - that is, test whether the bags are good enough or need some corrections. Often the testers are ourselves, as we can see for ourselves what needs to be improved. 

Last and third phase

Once the collection is ready, the process of producing sales material starts, and we hand out samples to sellers, agents, and distributors. Then it's ready to become part of muud's regular collections as novelties.  

When designing each product, some factors must of course be considered, such as price, functionality, aesthetics, ease of production, and quality. All keywords must be in line with the muud brand.

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  • Muud

    We do not ship to Canada. You can read about our retailers in this blog, and thus find your local retailer.

  • Katlen Veillette

    Vendez vous au Canada, Québec??

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