Selection of living accessories

Selection of living accessories

As you probably know, we have a huge selection of bags you can use for all sorts of things, but we also have a selection of accessories for your everyday life that are timeless, stylish, and practical.


Dace & Dex
Dace and Dex are two beautiful key rings from muud that, as promised, have a timeless and stylish look. They are the perfect accessory for a busy day. The beautiful leather gives the keychains an exclusive look. However, the two keychains have some differences.

Dace is designed with a long strap that allows you to wear it around your neck. Since Dace is equipped with a smart carabiner that connects the short and long part, you can also take the strap off and attach it to your bag. This way you can use it in multiple ways.

Dex, on the other hand, keeps your keys together and is easy to find in your bag, pants, or jacket pocket. It is equipped with a practical push button that makes it easy for you to attach it to your bag. Dex does not have a long strap like Dace.

Both keychains are available in the colors whisky and black.

Leather key hangers


Daisy is a beautiful leather wallet with a practical size for your cards and coins. It is designed with small compartments that gives you an overview and the ability to organize your stuff, so it’s easy for you to take it on the go. The wallet is equipped with a practical small zipper pocket inside for small items. In addition, Daisy has four slip pockets where you can store credit cards or receipts and it closes with a zipper. Daisy is available in whisky and black.

Dallas & Colorado
The two credit card holders, Dallas or Colorado, from muud are the perfect solution for those who want a high-quality card holder. Dallas is a combination of classic wallet and practical card holder in soft leather with fine details, whereas Colorado is only a credit card holder, but still of high quality and with a beautiful appearance. On the outside of Dallas there are four small slip pockets with room for different cards, two large pockets for coins, receipts or similar and a zipper pocket with room for your coins and bills in the middle. Although the Colorado only has room for your cards or notes, it is available in three different colors: black, whisky and hempsand. Dallas is available in black and whisky.

Leather wallets and cardholder


Copenhagen is a stylish leather computer sleeve that guarantees a stylish look that fits any laptop with the dimensions 35x24x1 and below. Copenhagen has a zipper opening that ensures that your computer is safe and sound, and on the outside of the bag there are smart details which provides space for credit cards or work papers. The lining material of the bag is neoprene with a smooth surface that ensures good protection for your computer, and you can get the bag in the colors black and whisky.

If you're even more interested in a bag with storage compartments for your computer, check out Denver and Hiba!

Copenhagen leather computer sleeve

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