The news in the Drew serie

The news in the Drew serie

We loved Drew so much, we just had to make more versions of it. There is now something for everyone. There's a Drew for every day, weekend, and city trips! 

The Drew weekend bag is a wonderful companion for trips that span extended weekends or shorter trips where a suitcase isn't necessary. Whether you're planning a few days at the cottage, a romantic weekend getaway or simply an overnight stay with friends, this muud weekender bag is the ideal choice as it meets all your needs. With its versatility, you can even use Drew as a gym bag if needed. Drew stands out with its elegant look that caters to the customer who values quality. It is designed for those who value design with high functionality. Whether you're on the go in stylish surroundings or need to carry your workout gear, Drew will be your reliable companion. Not only does Drew meet your practical needs with its spacious layout and smart storage solutions, but it also adds an aesthetic touch to your travel adventures. You can rest assured that this weekender bag is made from high-quality materials and is built to withstand the challenges of travel. With Drew by your side, you're ready to conquer the world with style and ease. So, whether you're planning to relax at the cottage, go on a romantic getaway or simply enjoy time with friends, Drew will be the perfect travel partner. With its unique combination of functionality and aesthetics, this weekend bag can fulfill your needs and give you the ultimate travel experience.  

That's why we're incredibly excited to now offer a larger version, Drew XL, a toiletry bag version and a smaller version, Drew mini. These new bags are sure to fit your needs, because now you have a Drew for multiple events. The Drew mini is the size of a handbag and is perfect for those occasions when you want to travel light and compact or if you're just going out on the town.   

If you're going on vacation and need a matching toiletry bag for your Drew weekend bag, the Drew toiletry is perfect! Or in general, if you're just in a situation where you need a toiletry bag for your travels or at home. Drew toiletry and the other designs are so versatile that they can be displayed in your home to decorate and provide a practical storage solution.  

If you love Drew but don't like the size, you can now adapt to those needs too, as Drew is available in XL and mini. They have the same qualities and the same great design, so you won't be left out and they can be used for almost anything you can think of. Whether it's shopping, traveling, city trips or anything else, we guarantee you'll never go wrong. 

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