muud Wool Detergent 500ml Care & Clean
muud Wool Detergent 500ml Care & Clean

Uld vaskemiddel 500ml

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Uld vaskemiddel 500ml

Ulrich Natürlich wool detergent

Detergent for washing wool. When you have made an effort with your knitwear it deserves a proper treatment during wash. By washing gently and correct it will prolong the durability of the wool and give you a green conscience. In the detergent from Ulrich Natürlich there is no addition of fragrances and is therefore ideal for allergic people. The raw materials used in the Ulrich Natürlich detergent are readily biodegradable and, therefore, very environmentally friendly. The detergent is a concentrate, so you must only use 30 ml per 4.5 kg. of dry laundry. That means a bottle last for approx. 16 washes. The glass bottle is a consciously sustainable and environmental choice from Ulrich Natürlich. • No palm oil / fragrances / optical brighteners / enzymes • Eco-certified and vegan With the detergent from Ulrich Natürlich it is easy to wash gently, effective, ecologically and economic.
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