Bumbag and Crossbody

Bumbag and Crossbody

A crossbody or bumbag is both practical and fashionable. With our timeless and stylish designs, our selection can be worn by both men and women.

In the bags you can store all your essentials such as your phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, your favorite lip gloss and much more. Of course, they can also hold knitting, crochet or sewing accessories. The bags are great for vacations, shopping, going out or just taking a walk with friends, because when you use them, both hands are free, and life is much easier.

All our crossbodies and bumbags have adjustable straps and can therefore be easily adjusted to fit both men and women. But when choosing a crossbody or bumbag, there are also other factors to consider, such as the size of your bag or how it will be worn on you. That way, you're sure to choose a model that's perfect for you. Some of our selection that fit this description could be Riga, Vadsø, both our Vegas models, Laura, and Saturn mini or even Bella. All these bags are ones that are sure to be customized to suit you and your needs, as they can also be found in two different colors!

What is the difference between a crossbody and a bumbag?

A crossbody and bumbag are two different types of bags that differ in their design and way of carrying them. However, our bumbags are different in that they are mostly worn crossbody as well.

A bumbag is a smaller bag that is usually attached to a belt strap that can be buckled around the waist or hip. The belt strap can be adjustable and therefore made to a specific length. Bumbags are usually smaller in size and have a single pocket or several smaller compartments for storing small items such as keys, phone, money and the like. It is usually worn around the waist or hip, but ours, as mentioned, is worn more crossbody and can be easily reached as it is close to the body.

A crossbody bag is a bag that also has an adjustable strap that can be worn across the body. The strap is usually long enough for the bag to rest at the hip or thigh on the opposite side of the body. Crossbody bags can come in different sizes and designs, including single pockets or multiple compartments for storing different items. They allow for a more secure and hands-free way of carrying as they are cross-body and don't slip off the shoulder as easily.

Sizing your crossbody or bum bag

The size of your crossbody or bum bag is important as it will affect how often you end up using it. Therefore, you need to consider what you want to carry in your daily life and how big a bag you realistically need. If you already have a size XL handbag, a medium-sized crossbody or bumbag with room for your phone, wallet, keys, other small items or knitting accessories could be the perfect size for you. In terms of size, you should also consider what size you prefer for your body type. For example, some people feel more comfortable with a large bag, while others feel more comfortable with a small/medium structured bag. These are factors to consider realistically, as it will have a big impact on whether you end up with the perfect bag for you.

How to style your crossbody or bum bag

  • We recommend using a crossbody or bumbag with a simple and classic look. However, it's important to consider if your chosen bag could be one of your favorite go-to accessories that you want to shine through, as you'll end up wearing it often.
Color match
  • It's also important that the bag itself matches your outfit for a monotone look, as it looks modern and elegant.
Carrying shape
  • There are also different positions you can carry your bags in. Our crossbody and bumbags can be worn across the body, across the back or down the shoulder.
  • Whether it's a crossbody bag or a bumbag, it's important to adjust the fit and positioning according to your personal preferences and comfort.

Both crossbody and bumbags are very versatile and therefore suitable for any season, making them a must-have in your bag collection.

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