All products are being manufactured at our own factory/facility in India. (Danish/Indien allianace) - we control the working environment accordingly to EU standards (higher standards than India normal). This includes the conditions for workers, salary, and working hours.

The leather used for the production of our program is coming from Indian milking cows, which has lived a walking free life in the nature (not being boxed inside a milk production factory). Once the cow´s have served their main-purpose of making milk. They either dye normally or are being send to slaughter for their meat. The leather/skin is then being put aside, and people like us will buy this by-product, which normally just would have been destroyed or burned.

So in all we do not process any animal products, which has been raised or used for commercial purposes. Only natural processes are in play.

In terms of processing the skin´s we take the liberty to use only top-materials such as German dye-stuff (we import this to India), to ensure a top-level quality. We manufactor in accordance to EU laws and regulations and beyond. Testing all materials to ensure no harmful substance are being used to manufactured, is a daily and normal process for us.

Besides the above our main administration office is located in Denmark, which is emplyoed with a local Danish workforce!

We joined the Leather Working Group in 2021 to support more responsible leather manufacturing.
You can read more about the Leather Working Group at

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