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At muud, we love genuine leather, and it's the very core of our brand. The great quality of our products depends on good conditions at every step of our production process, from our leather sourcing to when our skilled leather artisans create them.

If you want to learn more about how we're committed to making our products and choosing materials, you can explore our process below.


The leather hides

Our commitment to ethical practices begins with the sourcing of responsible and sustainable leather. We exclusively use buffalo hides. This deliberate choice is central to our values and dedication.

Our buffalo hides originate from the local farms of India, and there's a significant difference in how these animals are raised naturally compared to the mainstream cattle and pig industries in Europe. Most local farmers in India operate on a smaller scale and focus on the production of buffalo meat.

One distinctive feature of our sourcing process is the natural upbringing of these farm-fed buffaloes. From the moment of their birth until they reach the point of slaughter, these animals are given the freedom to roam in nature and subsist on natural vegetation and grass. It's a simple, unadulterated way of life that stands in contrast to the confinement and mass production common in the European meat industry.

muud purchases final products from its tried and trusted manufactures. Neither muud nor our manufacturing partners are directly involved in the process of raising the animals or the subsequent meat processing stage. The partnering tanneries acquire raw buffalo hides from the approved processing facilities, as these hides are considered by-products of the meat processing industry, which is the primary focus of these facilities.

Leather Working Group

In line with our commitment to ethical standards and animal welfare, we collaborate exclusively with manufacturing partners approved by the Leather Working Group (LWG).

This organization plays a pivotal role in regulating and monitoring the leather industry, particularly concerning the treatment of animals and environmental sustainability. By partnering with LWG-approved Tanneries, we ensure that the leather hides are sourced from the facilities that uphold the same rigorous standards.

This practice is a fundamental aspect of our approach to leather sourcing.


In addition to our dedication to ethically sourcing of materials from animals, we place equal importance on the conditions within our manufacturing facilities. Our manufacturing partners, who handle the cutting and sewing processes, adhere to the approved Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) conditions. These conditions encompass various aspects to ensure workers' well-being and thereby meeting ethical standards.

Our manufacturing partners maintain high standards across multiple fronts. These encompass factors such as location and building conditions to guarantee safe and comfortable workplaces for the employees. Adequate salary levels are ensured to provide fair compensation, and the provision of regular lunch breaks is a standard practice. Importantly, there is a strict policy against child-labour, forced-labour, bonded-labour reinforcing our commitment to ethical manufacturing practices.

We are deeply committed to upholding these standards to guarantee that both the source and production of our products align with our ethical values.

We collaborate with two manufacturing facilities, and we have maintained a business relationship with each of them for the past six years. We are intimately familiar with these facilities, and they are well-organized companies that diligently adhere to industry regulations and guidelines.

Despite the unfortunate stories that occasionally make headlines in the industry, we can attest to the presence of hardworking, honest, and respectful individuals and businesses within the industry. They recognize the benefits of upholding high standards in all aspects of their operations.

All of these practices are in alignment with muud's code of conduct policy. If you have any inquiries about this topic, please feel free to ask. We are committed to transparency and are happy to provide more information.