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Crafts & Hobbies

Transport and store your hobbies with style

Crafts and hobbies are passions, that you put time, effort and care into. The tools, yarns and threads you use on your crative endeavours deserve the best, when it comes to easily accessible storage.

Whether you're looking for a small pouch to hold your needles or a large bag, with room for your biggest project, then you'll find a muud product that fits your needs. The wide range of available solutions, makes it possible for you to mix and match the holders, project bags and boxes any way you want, in order to personalise your muud collection.

We strive for a similar experience with our materials. All our products are handmade from genuine leather ensuring a sophisticated and exclusive look that never goes out of fashion.
We believe that high quality pays – both today and in the long run.

It's our philosophy that projects bags and containers should look good at all times, whether they're with you over your shoulder or sitting on your shelf in your living room.

We sell our products to passionate knitters all over the world. If you want to buy the products in a local store, you can check out our list of retailers worldwide.