muud needle case

Needle Cases

Beautiful handmade needle cases - for crochet hooks and knitting needles

Crafters spend hours using their tools, in order to make magnificent and beloved creations, to wear, cuddle, use and love. Having your knitting needles, crochet hooks and other essential items neatly organised can help with the creative process.

Keeping your needles and hooks organised and safely stored is a must, especially if you want to take your essential tools with you on the go.
A needle case or organiser can be used for either knitting needle or crochet hooks and most of them also offer room for a wide variety of other items needed when you're creating your next gorgeous work.

At muud we provide you a wide selection of needle cases, all handcrafted in genuine leather. We use ethically sourced materials and skilled artisans to make the beautiful cases your tools deserve. Using leather ensures high durability and a product, that will age with grace.

A needle case should not only be functional, but also practical in use and pleasing for the eye. Our designs are made with all these aspects in mind. We believe that a neddle case should not need to be hidden away in a bag, but should be stylish enough, to sit proudly on your table or shelf, without compromising your aesthetic values.