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The ultimate storage solution in leather

Quality is necessary for a good bag or storage accessories, and it doesn’t get better than a leather bag, where you can scents and feel the quality.


The products from muud are designed to give beautiful, aesthetic, and functional storage for your stuff. We make timeless designs with a keen eye for details, and we simultaneously make sure that the beautiful design and the functionality coalesce.
A clutch is a small bag that can contain little things like keys, phone, and cards. A clutch lets you bring your most important things and can also be an addition to a cool outfit.

If you need to bring your computer or headphones with you, you probably also need a stylish storage option, so your things stay protected when they’re not in use. Our bags for laptop and headphone are made from real leather, protecting your belongings from bumps and scratches.

Our selection also covers a range of cylindrical leather bags used for, e.g., storage of cutlery, hair products, brushes, or knitting needles.