Storage of jewelry

Storage of jewelry

Do you often have the problem that your jewelry disappears too easily? We have a solution that allows you to store your jewelry easily and stylish. You can easily and safely store your jewelry in our small cubes such as Emeli, Helsinki or Bergen. These each have different designs that are great for holding your jewelry, so you always know where it is. For example, you can keep bracelets, anklets, or necklaces in Bergen. And you can also easily keep your rings and earrings in Emeli, as it has a magnetic bottom to keep things organized.

Emeli is a small and handy box that is ideal for storing smaller pieces of jewelry such as earrings, rings, or bracelets. It has a magnetic bottom that can prevent jewelry from getting tangled or damaged. Helsinki and Helsinki XL, both of which are more spacious, offer more room for storing jewelry of different sizes. You can use them to store both smaller and larger pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, watches, or brooches. These boxes have a secure zipper closure system that ensures the jewelry is kept in place and protected from scratches or damage. Despite Bergen's small size, it can also be used for jewelry storage, especially if you have a lot of small earrings or for that matter nose rings, navel rings or the like. Whichever storage solution you choose, they will generally be suitable for storing jewelry in an organized and secure way, while still being easily accessible when you need them.

It's important to keep track of your valuables, such as jewelry. It can be at home, when you're going on a trip or when you're going on vacation. When traveling, you can easily lose your jewelry as there are so many other things to keep track of. For example, if you're going to the beach and don't want to take your jewelry with you. Then you can just put them in one of our cubes, and that way the worry about the jewelry disappearing is gone and you can enjoy the trip a little more.

Of course, our cubes can also store other small items, but from our own experience, we know how easy it is to lose your jewelry, and this can be very annoying as it is often very valuable.  

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