Leather aprons for barbecueing, chefs or hairdressers. Læderforklæde til kokke eller frisører


Leather aprons

Whether you are barbecuing, running the kitchen, working as a hairdresser or just like to get your hands a little dirty, the leather aprons from muud are an absolute essential.


Our aprons are handmade from premium leather and are fit for anyone who has a passion for handcrafted and timeless styles, either in a professional context or as leisure at home.
Regular use and time will give the apron a beautiful patina.

The leather feels soft and flexible, hence it’s comfortable to wear while working. Several models have pockets for easy storage, and the adjustable straps make the apron an easy fit for anybody.

The leather comes from cattle that have lived a long life in nature. When they’ve lived their lives as dairy cows, they are slaughtered for their meat. After this, they are skinned so manufacturers like us can make us of it.

The leather aprons protect you against grease stains and heat, unlike linen or cotton aprons.
We only use premium leather that guarantee you a long-lasting product that will age beautifully.