Karen Klarbæk Recycled Bottle Yarn

Karen Klarbæk Recycled Bottle Yarn

Here at muud we have chosen to become a retailer of Karen Klarbæk recycled bottle yarn, because we love the idea of yarn made from plastic bottles. We believe in thinking innovatively in terms of production, as it is incredibly important, that we take better care of our planet. The daughter of Karen Klarbæk, Karoline Klarbæk, says in her design thesis:  

"I have done my best to reduce the footprint that the production reduces on the world for future generations by making the plastic bottle yarn as sustainable as possible."

From idea ... 

It's safe to say that the yarn is indeed sustainable. The idea is based on our future and we can only support that, which is why we have chosen to become a distributor of the yarn. Karoline also says: "I am convinced that we already now and in the future will have to think sustainability into the projects we start. That's why the dogma of sustainability also became part of my assignment." The assignment in this context was about design. Karoline's intention with this was to bring  a product to life that took care of our future generations. Karen Klarbæk, Karoline's mother, helped her bring the idea to life. It all started with the idea, which is now a reality. 

And hopefully this great idea can inspire others to get started in a more sustainable process from idea to product.   

... to production 

The yarn from Karen Klarbæk is made from recycled plastic bottles, making it 100% polyester. It can be washed at up to 60 degrees and is especially suitable for projects that are not ment to be worn directly on the skin. The yarn is much less delicate and therefore, in terms of being wet for a long time, also suitable for projects that is ment to be used outside. The material, which has been recycled, has not been mixed with other types of plastic, or other materials, so it is possible to recycle the product, when it is no longer usable. To take care of our environment, a good idea would be to wash the yarn as rarely as possible, since plastic does not absorb water. Rinse it under the tap or give it a quick wipe.   

Karoline tells us that the yarn is transported from India to Denmark by container ships, as this has proven to be the most sustainable option and it is large quantities a ship can transport. This is a very good alternative to trucks that drive around Europe and emit a lot of CO2.   

She also says that around 2-3 plastic bottles are used for a ball of yarn, so don't be afraid to crochet away. Especially if we have to recycle all that PET plastic that has ended up as waste.  

What can you make out of the yarn?

As mentioned, the yarn is especially suited for projects that aren't worn directly on the skin, which is where we will suggest going creative with accessories for everyday use. This could be handbags, baskets or shopping nets, for example. It will be stylish, practical and sustainable, which are three important factors when it comes to bags! In addition, the yarn can also be used for outdoor items, such as placemats for the garden table, or cushions for the garden chairs. You could also go all-in and make Christmas decorations or floor mats out of the yarn, as long as it's not used for breathable clothing, the only limit is your imagination.  


  • Muud

    @ellen The yarn is 50g which is approx. 100 meters. You can see further information in the production description.
    Please let us know if you have any other questions

  • Ellen

    But what weight is it?? DK? Worsted? Aran?

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