Laundry wool detergent and Leather Balsam

wool detergent & Leather Balm

At muud, we strive to create a sustainable universe. While we have added yarn made from plastic bottles to the website, we have also added sustainable detergent. The detergent contains lanolin, which makes the wool water-repellent. The packaging of the detergent is 100% plastic-free. The bottle is made of glass and the label on the bottle is made of eco-certified soluble paper. In addition, it is also vegan, which also helps to support sustainability. You can use the detergent for your home-knitted wool sweaters, for example. It almost doesn't get any better than that.

But it can anyway because, on top of that, we now offer a delicious leather balm. It's organic, so it provides organic care for leather and makes the surface water-repellent. The leather balm is used for gentle care of smooth leather.

The balm is preservative-free, made from renewable raw materials, no petrochemical ingredients, and the packaging is also plastic-free. Last but not least, it has not been developed based on animal testing.

This is the perfect product for leather bag care if you want to do your bit for the environment.

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