Leather care an clean products

Leather care

Leather is a natural material, which means it needs a little extra loving care to keep it looking great for years to come.

The right care can make leather water-resistant and also ensure that the leather doesn't become porous.

Just like many other things like your own skin or clothes, it needs good care to stay beautiful for many years. Although leather will naturally change appearance over time, it would be preferable if it ages gracefully.


Our bags will already be treated when you receive them, but it's still a good idea to waterproof them when you receive them. For this you can use a regular waterproofing spray, which will protect the leather from the sun's fading rays and moisture.

A good tip: always test on a small piece before caring for the whole bag and see how the leather will react.

Our effect leather balm and leather balm products are the perfect care for your bag and should be used at least twice a year.

It's so easy, it only takes three steps:

  1. Make sure your bag is clean and dry.
  2. Use the matching sponge, or a colorless and lint-free cloth to apply a thin coat.
  3. Allow the bag to dry before using it.


Just as leather gets nicer over time, the bag also gets dirty, so it's a good idea to get a deep clean to remove both sweat and dirt. For this we have a Clean & Care cleaning spray that you can use.

Again, it's just as easy, you just need to follow these three steps:

  1. The product is sprayed onto a dry sponge and foams up during application.
  2.  Rub the product well into the bag.
  3. Allow the product to work for a few minutes and wipe dry, using a clean, colourless cloth, while the product is still damp.

Using cleaning and care products regularly can extend the life of leather and keep it soft, as the products contain the nutrients and antioxidants that leather needs.

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