The reception

The reception

Fragrant and vibrant lights greet guests as they enter muud's new premises. People stop and take a few seconds to take in the space. Stylish dark and delicious design interiors that fit and support our quality products. Our staff are on hand to greet guests, sushi is lined up on the tables and cold beverages are lined up. 

The reception, which took place on Friday 4th of November, was not just a get-together, but a celebration of the proud achievements we have made at muud. It's been a wild journey so far, and one that continues. The new location for the company is a huge milestone for us and it needs to be showcased. 

The reception was a success. A great way to start the weekend. There was a lovely, relaxed atmosphere where the only aim was just to enjoy yourself with friends of the house, family and business associates.  

"As soon as you step into the reception you feel like you have stepped into a living room, it is homely and cozy with an open fireplace and room for all. The showroom is completely covered with muud products, indicating that we take pride in our work. It's spacious, but still small enough that it feels calm. There are sofas and nothing but comfortable seating that makes it not just cozy, but relaxed, it feels like a knitting café. Our office corridor is where the community develops even more with each passing day. It's where we develop our products, and it needs to be something we can associate ourselves with. That was exactly the feeling we all had on the reception day. And that's exactly the feeling, we want to maintain with current and future employees." 

- Martin Kiil, Co-founder 

It all started with one person and a crazy idea. The reception was a great opportunity to show how far we've come. 

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