Erinna leather bag for storing embroidery threads and needles. Erinna lædertaske til opbevaring af broderi tråd og nåle.

Embroidery bags

Bags for storing embroidery thread and tools

There is something delicate and artistic about embroidery. It can get as complex or simple as you want.
It gives room for slowing down and immersing yourself in your project, which can give you renewed energy afterwards.
Embroidery is a hobby, and hobbies can help us from feeling fatigued.


Embroidery projects travels easy, so you can carry your project in a bag for those spare moments you want to fill. muud has created portable carrying bags for embroidery hoops, floss, and supplies. The bags are designed to be functional, so you can store and organise your floss in various ways, as well as the rest of your embroidery kit.
You can combine our embroidery bags with our accessories for embroidery, knitting or crocheting.

We always use high-quality leather for our bags. We focus on offering multiple features and simultaneously design stylish bags to bring on the go or for beautiful storage and display in your home.

You can embroider with a friend, or you can use social media to communicate your projects. This way, your craft can give you a sense of togetherness through the friends you make.