organizers whisky knitting case


beautiful organizers handmade in leather

Creative crafts often comes with a collection of beloved tools that deserve the best when it comes to storage and organisation.
Having your tools ready at hand whenever your creative urges strike is a must, whether you knit, crochet, embroider or draw.

At muud we believe that your tools derserve only the best in quality for storage solutions. We use genuine leather, sourced only from responsible and sustainable farms. Skilled artisans craft the leathers by hand creating durable products, that will age with beauty, giving you value for years.

The wide range of sizes and fuctions ensure a product for everyone. To be used alone or combined with other products in our collections. From holders and pouches for the smallest of your items, to full size organizers, that can hold most of your knitting needles, hooks or pens, there's always a solution for you and our product range is ever growing.

We aim to create products that are as pleasing for the eye as they are to hold and use. Our organizers of all sizes are made to be used and still look aesthetically pleasing when sitting on your coffee table. Quality, fuction and design are a trio thats ever prevalent in all of muud products.