Knitting accessories

Knitting accessories

Leather cubes and cases for organising knitting accessories

Whether you’re a long-time knitter or just getting started, you know that making something from scratch is truly special. The satisfaction of going through a creative process and creating something with your own hands is priceless.
Moreover, it requires experience to truly understand what it takes to knit something for someone.


To give you the best conditions for concentrating on your creative process, we have designed cubes, cases, and boxes for keeping your knitting accessories neatly organised, because we believe that this is essential.

In our design, we unite functionality and aesthetics, so every style is designed to be unique.
Some of our accessories are made for storing your knitting needles, others for smaller items like buttons or stitch markers.
Our products are closed with zippers or buttons, so your knitting tools can’t fall out. The soft leather adds an exclusive and authentic look, so there is no need to hide the product away.

You can mix and match our accessories with other products from the muud collection. For instance, you can keep your cubes and cases in one of our knitting bags, so your tools don’t end up at the bottom of the bag.