Hee and Hee XL leather case for crochet hooks, knitting needles, pencils or other accessories. Hee og Hee XL læder etui til hæklenåle, strikkepinde, blyanter eller andre accessories

Crochet accessories

Beautiful accessories for crochet hooks and tools

Crocheting is truly special. The feeling of soft yarn in your hand and seeing your project slowly come to fruition is amazing. For many people, crocheting is their main creative outlet. Some like to design new patterns, play with colour palettes, or follow a tutorial – regardless of which way you do it, your creativity is sparkling.


Your crochet hooks are essential tools for your favourite hobby. Hence, they deserve a protective storage container. Once you have all the tools you need, you probably need a storage box or a needle case.
We’ve made it easier for you to find a solution for your growing stack of crochet hooks and accessories.

The muud collection for crocheting includes cases and boxes for storing your crochet hooks, stitch markers, scissors, and other tools. They take up very little space, have an easy-to-use closing feature and are perfect to bring on the road.

In some of our bigger accessories there is room for both yarns, needles, crochet hooks and smaller crochet projects. Many of our bags and accessories fit both crochet and knitting supplies, so you might want to check out our knitting collection as well.