Get Organized Bundle
Get Organized Bundle
Get Organized Bundle
Get Organized Bundle
Get Organized Bundle

Get Organized Bundle

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Billie Etui (Color)
Chris Needle Pockets (Color)
Espoo Holder (Color)
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Get Organized Bundle
The "Get Organized Bundle" brings together three of muud’s meticulously designed accessories - Billie, Chris, and Espoo. This collection is for crafters who seek a blend of sophistication, functionality, and organization in their crafting journey. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Billie Etui, Chris Needle Pockets, and Espoo Holder ensure that your crafting tools are neatly organized and easily accessible.

Billie Etui: The Billie Etui stands out with its elegant design and practicality, making it a must-have for any crafter. This beautiful leather case is designed to store crochet hooks, knitting needles, and other crafting essentials. With its fold-out feature, you have everything you need at a glance. Available in Whisky and Black, the Billie Etui offers a stylish way to keep your tools in order and your workspace clutter-free.

Chris Needle Pockets: The Chris Needle Pockets are small but significant additions to your crafting arsenal. Crafted from beautiful leather, these pockets are designed to hold your knitting needles, ensuring they are protected and organized. Available in Whisky and Black, the Chris Needle Pockets are perfect for crafters who appreciate the value of keeping their tools in perfect condition and ready for the next project.

Espoo Holder: Designed with the knitting enthusiast in mind, the Espoo Holder is a chic and practical solution for keeping your yarn scissors secure and accessible. Handmade from the finest leather, it not only stores your scissors safely but also adds a touch of luxury to your crafting toolkit. Available in Whisky and Black, the Espoo Holder is an essential accessory for those who cherish both form and function in their crafting tools.

Key Features:
Premium leather construction for durability and style.
Billie Etui offers spacious storage and easy access to a variety of tools.
Chris Needle Pockets provide sleek and secure storage for knitting needles.
Espoo Holder ensures your yarn scissors are always within reach.
Available in sophisticated Whisky and classic Black to complement your personal style.
Embrace the Art of Organization: The "Get Organized Bundle" from muud is more than just a collection of accessories; it’s a commitment to enhancing your crafting experience through superior organization and design. With Billie, Chris, and Espoo, you’re not just getting organized; you’re investing in the quality and elegance that define every muud product. Transform your crafting space into a haven of creativity and order with this essential bundle.
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